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Bioinformatics Programs and Computer Cluster

Bioinformatics Programs and Computer Cluster

Available Commercial Bioinformatics Software Packages:

  • CLC-Genomics Workbench (
  • DNAStar (

All modules that are part of the Galaxy project ( ) are accessible through a graphical user interface running on our local server.

These include the popular analysis softwares BWA, Bowtie1/2, SAMtools, BEDtools, Picard, Tophat1/2, Cufflinks 2, fastqc, fastx, MACS and various data grooming and conversion tools. The server also has various software packages like GATK, BLAST+ and Trinity installed, but these are not accessible through the graphical user interface.
The IPA/Ingenuity pathway analysis software ( package for pathway analysis is in the process of being implemented and not available yet.
Available Hardware:

  • High-Performance Computing Cluster: The bioinformatics team has unlimited priority access to the local high performance computing cluster (HPC) located at the campus of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
  • SlipStream Appliance – Galaxy Edition ( The Great Lakes Genomics Center owns its own high memory server running the Galaxy software package (512 Gigabytes RAM, 32 CPUs)

Available Services:
The Bioinformatics Team of the Great Lakes Genomics Center is offering various services to researchers and interested parties from both academia and the private sector.

List of Available Services
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